Lantu VF+

Lantu VF+ focuses on metabolic health by evaluating and quantifying both visible and hidden types of fat in your body. Lantu VF+ provides a much more accurate measure of metabolic health than traditional markers such as BMI. Lantu VF+ also assesses your total risk for chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and provides individualized intervention to slow and even reverse associated risk factors.

Lantu CV+

This Lantu product evaluates and quantifies anatomical features pertaining to the heart, brain and vasculature. Lantu CV+ is popular with middle age and older individuals looking to optimize their health. Compared to CT Cardiac Calcification Scoring, which uses ionizing radiation, Lantu’s CV+ safely evaluates individuals without radiation.

Lantu SK+

A unique product available only from Lantu. Lantu SK+ is popular with athletes especially competitive and professional athletes who desire an accurate quantification of their muscle and fat. Lantu’s proprietary techniques offer the most accurate and safe method currently available to measure fat and muscle as well as their ratio. If you really want to see what you are actually gaining and losing consider Lantu SK+.